About Skism/Story Volunteers International

Skism Communications has become a non-profit content creation service offered for free to eligible civil society organizations.

Sean Kelly

Skism Communications is a former consulting business that offered low-cost but high-impact branding, strategy and story-telling to non-profit organizations and community groups.

Skism has transitioned from a consulting business into Story Volunteers International, a content creation service offered by Sean Kelly. Sean is offering his communications experience for free to eligible non-profits, and will produce content that can be used for education, promotions, fundraising and media.

For selected organizations, Sean can create a mix of content that could include written stories, photographs, podcasts and videos. He can also offer ideas and advice on messages, organizational branding, promotions and communications strategy.

Let us use effective story-telling to help you get your message into the hearts, minds and wallets of your target audiences.

For more information, please contact Sean for a confidential chat about the communications needs of your organization and whether you are eligible for this free service.