Meet Sean Kelly

Skism lead consultant Sean Kelly can help you get your message into the hearts, minds and wallets of your target audience.


Sean has extensive experience in communications, writing, film & radio production, public relations and social marketing. He has worked for groups including Cuso, the Lester Pearson Institute and the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia, and is the past Manager of Communications & Marketing for the Clean Nova Scotia Foundation. He is currently the Director of Energy Programs for Clean.

Sean has spent more than 25 years working and volunteering with non-profit groups, and he specializes in doing a lot with a little. 

Sean has also assisted non-profit groups such as HeartWood Youth Centre on organizational re-branding. As Head of Communications & Media for Cuso International, one of North America’s largest international development organizations, Sean worked on communications strategy, social networking and media outreach. In 2011, he led an organizational re-branding process for the non-profit agency.

Sean was the editor of The Sustainable Times, a magazine on environment and development issues sold by subscription and at newsstands across Canada.

Through the magazine, documentaries and an innovative story service, Sean was an early adopter of brand journalism – also called content marketing, it’s an approach that uses journalistic, narrative story-telling to promote an organization’s impact and work in a way that pulls people in, rather than interrupts them with promotions.

His writing has been published in Outpost, New Internationalist, The Globe and Mail, Destinations, The Halifax Daily News, Saltscapes, and Verge. He has won a National Magazine Award, a Gabriel Award for documentary (for the radio doc A Piece of Paradise), and a Global Citizen Award from the UN 50th Anniversary Committee of Canada.

Sean is a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society. He studied International Development (major) and theatre (minor) at Dalhousie University, Adult Education at St. FX University, and has taken many professional development courses in communications, public relations, marketing and organizational branding.

Sean is available as a communications consultant, and can offer ideas and advice on messaging, organizational branding, pr & promotions, and communications strategy.

Sean is also a member of The Well creative consultants group.