Testimonials on Sean Kelly’s organizational branding work:

“Sean’s expertise and guidance was key in helping us move ahead with our branding strategy. His analysis of our current situation and needs was very helpful. His feedback and advice was clear, realistic and insightful. I have worked with others on branding and this is the first time that I felt like I came away with something useful. We couldn’t have done this with without him.” – Maria Cain, past Executive Director of HeartWood

“I have very much appreciated Sean’s dedication to the organization, and his skill in guiding the challenging re-branding of Cuso International. He helped create the face of Cuso International. It is one that we can all be proud of.” – Derek Evans, former CEO of Cuso International

“Our organization engaged Sean to help with branding and developing a clear vision of who we are and where we are going. Sean was honest, incisive and got us to where we needed to go in a short space of time. He was sensitive to cross-cultural work, and was excellent at getting us on all the same page in articulating our mandate. We would highly recommend Sean’s services those who need to bring folks together in a common vision in order to concisely move forward in their work.” – Laurie Suitor, Senior Advisor, Pitu’paq Partnership

Sean teaching a workshop | Photo by Dana Perry

Reviews of Skism workshops:

“Engaging, lots of content, interactive, lots of examples – a great workshop.”

“Honest and straightforward info – I would recommend this workshop to anyone.”

“This was so, so valuable!”

“Sean’s a very knowledgeable and experienced facilitator. He has a great toolbox of skills, and adds humour & stories.”

“It was fun, which always enhances learning.”

“You put so much of yourself into the day – thank you very much.”

“Thank you for offering these resources to non-profits.”

“Such valuable, actionable content. Excited to take this back to the office and use.”

“The workshop was great. I am now thinking differently about so many things.”

“Great content. Sean is an excellent presenter. Wish we had more time with him.”

“An amazing workshop that was so affordable; these opportunities usually cost hundreds more.”

“The presenter was extremely knowledgeable about topic, held participants attention and gave useful, practical guidelines and exercises.”

“The workshop offered an easy flow of ideas and showed how one step builds on the next. Our organization now has a good way to start thinking strategically.”

“I’m excited to take this back to my organization; I feel more guided now in forming a coherent strategy.”